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Stacy will work to keep our water ...

... clean

Maintain our water supplies at the highest standard. Anticipate new water standards and meet them prior to deadlines. Require more frequent testing in wells near problem industrial sites. Accurately predict water availability. Stop reporting polluted water as available.

 This encourages development that is not sustainable.

Diligently pursue the containment of ammonium perchlorate and the new PFAS contamination and other pollutants. Keep the public informed of these threats to their drinking water by reporting closed wells, reduced supply and the extent of the pollution plume in a timely and transparent manner.


Backroom deals that make our rates skyrocket must stop! Secret arrangements like the $73.8 million questionable purchase of Valencia Water Co, tied to promises of water supply for Newhall Ranch are not acceptable. SCV Water Agency has burdened us with expensive consultants and $300+ Million in debt after promising the merger would save money. Are huge water rate increases in our future? Stacy will demand transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

...& address future droughts

Honestly report water supply. Polluted water that may never be safe should not be included in drinking water supply calculations. Our local water supply must be accurately reported to protect residents. Water availability letters for thousands of unbuilt housing units should not be promised to developers while residents are told to cut back. Stacy understands why citizens are complaining about drought cutbacks, while SCV Water Agency continues to value big corporations over ratepayers.

Santa Clara River

Stacy cares about the Santa Clara River and our environment. 


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