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The Importance of Water Stewardship

Water is a vital resource, constituting approximately 60% of the human body [1]. It plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature, maintaining healthy membranes, and flushing waste products. In essence, water is essential for human life and well-being. Therefore, responsible management and protection of this precious resource is paramount.

Addressing Water Management Challenges

Our community faces significant water management challenges. While the current board acknowledges the housing crisis, the focus appears to be on luxury developments that may not address the needs of the local workforce. Furthermore, concerns exist regarding the environmental impact of such projects, particularly in areas susceptible to natural hazards.

Promoting Sustainable Development

I am passionate about serving on the water board and advocating for a more sustainable approach to development. Sustainable development balances economic growth with environmental protection and responsible water management. This approach ensures we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Qualifications and Vision

My commitment lies in promoting responsible water management practices, prioritizing affordable housing options for the local workforce, and mitigating the environmental impact of development projects. While non-partisan, the board's decisions significantly impact our water resources. I believe in a holistic approach that considers the impact of development on our water supply and long-term sustainability. I am educated in water systems technology in a number of focus areas such as water distribution, water treatment, and wastewater.

Call to Action

I urge you to consider my candidacy for the water board. Together, we can work towards a future with responsible water management, sustainable development, and a thriving community.

Please honor me, as I humbly ask for your help, something I am not very good at. I am usually the one helping so this is awkward and uncomfortable for me, but I NEED HELP.

Help me to help you Santa Clarita, and I vow to be the best representative I can be for you.



Stacy Fortner: A Dedicated Advocate for Div 3

Stacy Fortner is a dynamic and proactive professional with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and communications. Known for her creativity and energy, she thrives on challenges and excels in both strategic and hands-on roles.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a degree in Water Systems Technology, a robust background in technology, Stacy is well-equipped to serve as a vigilant steward of the Agency’s budget and a champion for our water supply.

At the Agency, Stacy plans to lead initiatives to ensure a clean, sustainable, and affordable water supply for future generations. She is committed to enhancing community engagement on water issues, recognizing the importance of involving the public in these critical conversations.

As a dedicated community leader, Stacy actively volunteers her time to numerous causes in Santa Clarita Valley. She also manages a social media page focused on water and climate issues, encouraging community participation in local civic events. Stacy’s passion for clean, reliable, and affordable water is evident in her long-standing commitment to protecting our local water supply. She served as an active member of the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency Stakeholder Advisory Committee, where she collaborated on the development of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

A resident of Santa Clarita for 27 years, Stacy lives with her husband and their daughter.

"My personal super power is fearlessness fueled by my passion and dedication in support of the people and causes I believe in."  ~Stacy Fortner 2020



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